Hi, I'm Tora! 

I'm a photographer, retoucher and makeup artist from Montreal, a natural story teller, skilled at bringing your creative ideas to life

As a photographer I focus on portraiture, fashion & beauty imagery but I also have a taste for event and real-estate photography. When I look through the lens I always look to bring forth the most beautiful side of people, things and life around me. You see, photography is my happy place and I like to put a bit of that into what I do. 

I am also a passionate retoucher. Photoshop is, after all, where it all began for me. I started by retouching my vacation photos, then compositing and graphic design...and now I'm in love with those pixels and beauty and high-end retouching is my meditation. And you see, I'm quite a perfectionist. It's an amazing feeling to take beautiful images and polish them into something absolutely stunning.

Makeup is something I always did in conjunction with my photography projects, as it felt easy to me and it reminded me of 12 years old me, back when I was painting and drawing in arts school. I love working on creative projects with other photographers and other photographers love working with me as a makeup artist, because of my solid knowledge of photography, which allows me to understand light and retouching technicalities. It's always great on set when minds think alike.

I love every step of image creation and I am fascinated by the panoramic view I get by learning makeup and retouching aside from photography. 

I am creative but very business minded and I have high standards with regards to the services and products I deliver. I believe in creativity, I believe in a job (extremely) well done and professionalism, but I also believe that people work better when they’re having fun. After all, I love what I do and I love to bring that energy to the shoot. 

I have a Bachelor’s degree in business and a past in the corporate world, but I have found my true self in the entangled process of capturing and creating images and going back to school and finishing a degree in photography is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Now I have fully dedicated my life to creativity. I have transformed my home into a fully functioning photography studio, out of which me and Olivier (also a photographer), my business (and life) partner, offer a vast range of photography services for businesses, professionals and ambitious creatives such as myself. 

- Tora Chirila - Photographer, Retoucher, MUA - Montreal, Canada -