A Collection of Portraits of Mommies & Little Ones (By Yours Truly)

Whether it's for myself, for a commercial or a private client, I love capturing beauty in all forms and at all ages. Pregnancy photos, photos of mommies and little ones, and family portraits is a type of photography that I don't really include as part of my commercial imagery portfolio, but it's a type of photo that I enjoy doing and a service I do provide, even though I don't actively advertise for it. Whether it's in my studio, at my client's home, or in an outdoors setting, I love capturing beautiful timeless portraits. Depending on the style of photo my clients want, since I also offer makeup services, I love to prepare the mommies for the photoshoot with a makeup session, to get them looking beautiful and camera ready. Included below is a collection of images that I loved capturing. 

Want some timeless photos of that beautiful baby bump or some photographs of your adorable little one(s) or your lovely family? I'd love to hear from you!