Festival Mode et Design - A photo story (Day 3 & Day 4)

This is the last part of my Festival Mode et Design 2016 photo story, a recall of Day 3 and Day 4. Keep reading and scrolling to see some of my favourite styles presented on the catwalk and some of my favourite festival moments. And, to complete the FMD tour, i'm giving you a sneak peek of the backstage makeup madness.


I almost didn’t make it to Place des Festivals that day but finally (and luckily) I did, just in time for the last two shows of the evening. The first show I’ve seen was Roxanne Nicky, a Canadian designer, which presented her Modern Luxury Non-stop Chic Autumn Winter 16/17 collection. 

The last show of the day was the YUL-BCN show, produced by Groupe Sensation Mode, which showcased a wide array of works from graduates ofLasalle College Montreal and graduates of LCI Barcelona. It was a very fun and creative production with an industrial/airport theme. What was also surprising (in a good way) was how many items and garments were part of the show…didn’t count them but they were A LOT. On a side note, Barcelona, props for the choice of music…so good techno!!!  😃 (but that’s just a personal preference).


This was the last day of the festival and I spent it Saturday style: with friends enjoying some tasty cocktails. In between drinks I took a stroll to the makeup tent to see the backstage preparations, (I always love to see and take photos of that creative and beauty madness, and of course, it’s great makeup inspiration) and what I’ve seen are the preparations for the Katia Nikolajew very colourful show later that evening.

Having seen the makeup preparations, I was really excited to see the Katia Nikolajew show, which presented her very colourful boho-gypsy collection, which, even though it’s not my personal style, I really loved to see. 

Finally, since the FMD was ending, i really wanted to see the last 2 shows: a concert with the Montreal singer Emi Jeen and the Guess and Marciano show which presented luxe and fashion-forward collections from the two brands…great ending to the festival... 

So that was the 2016 Festival Mode et Design: a very inspirational and fashion-immersive experience. I had a great time, met with old and new friends and contacts and took some really great photos. I can't wait for next year!