The AIM is Getting Lost in the Music

Ah, summer and its music festivals...There I was once again, throwing my stuff in the car, and heading off into the sunset, over the top excited for the weekend to come...I could almost hear the music from Parc Carillon all the way from Montreal...

AIM Festival was at its first edition; a new type of experience for my Canadian (or let's say Noth-American) counterparts. To me, it somewhat reminded me of festivals back home in Romania, years ago, before electronic music became what i like to call "overground". Come to think of it, here in Canada, electronic music (i'm not talking about EDM) is still an underground phenomenon, with a rather limited audience. However, AIM brought forth the immersive and liberating experience of a camping festival and getting lost in music in a 32 hours dance marathon. And it was indeed SO MUCH spite of certain shortcomings (wish there were more people at times, I love eye-candy, so I would have loved some decorations, I would have loved printed timetables etc.)...but hey, it's a new thing for Canada, first year, I'm understanding and looking forward to next year...

Like in any festival, part of the fun happens in the camp site. I was quite happy with the camping, and I was lucky enough to be surrounded by enough friends that we established our own little AIM borough. The festival itself was exhausting but really fun. The two stages (Moog Stage and Heineken Stage) both offered an extended line-up of good DJ's, so it was always exciting, but almost impossible to see every single DJ I would have liked. 

So now as I am writing these I am just taking off my AIM bracelet...with great nostalgia that is...Can't wait for AIM 2016!

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